Safety Information

We want everyone who enters our facility to have the time of their lives, but we also want everyone to be safe. First of all, know the risks associated with jumping. Jumping on trampolines and into foam pits is an extreme sport, and with all extreme sports injury is an inherent risk. Participants and parents must accept these risks and agree to follow the posted rules to minimize the risks.

Despite a well-trained staff and a park that was designed to meet or exceed industry safety standards we cannot eliminate the risk of injury. All jumpers are required to sign our waiver.

Once in our park, it is the jumper's responsibility to become familiar with and follow the rules.There is a safety video running in the lobby area that covers some of the big rules, including no double bouncing, gainers or backflips in the foam pits. There are also signs posted in each of the main features explaining the rules for the area.